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Celebrate with DEITZ as New York Goes to the World Series

Let’s Go Mets!

When New York wins, we all win. Let's Go Mets!

When New York wins, we ALL win. Book with TEAM DEITZ and Sweep Away Your Appearance Fee**

Lexitas by DEITZ is waiving appearance fees for the World Series weeks of October 26th to November 6th* for any law office calling in a job** when you mention this promotion. So be the scheduling attorney firm and WIN with The Mets and Team DEITZ.

Start booking today!

  • If you are a new client, there is no better way to meet than during a celebration
  • If you haven’t called us lately, this is a great welcome back opportunity
  • If you are a “regular” – LET’S GO METS!

*Jobs 10/26-11/06, 2015
**Maximum of five appearance fees waived per firm. Only scheduling firm appearance fee is waived.