Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I login?

    Login is simple and secure. You can create your own access by selecting “Create a Login“. You will receive your access email with an auto login link. It is that simple.

  • Do I need software or anything special to access my transcripts on line?

    No software is required to retrieve your depositions with DEITZ OnDemand. All transcripts are accessible from any internet device: iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Laptop or the like.  In addition to making a browser based version of your transcript available, DEITZ OnDemand allows you to retrieve your transcript in many popular formats for your convenience: Word, PDF-fullpage, PDF-minuscript, note pad with wand without line numbers for ease of copy&paste to motions.

  • When will my reporter arrive?

    DEITZ prides itself on its court reporters arriving on site 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your proceeding. Your court reporter will have plenty of time to set up equipment and prepare caption information. All court reporters are required to be equipped with cell phones in order to accommodate last minute changes to time and place.

  • How long will my DEITZ online depositions be available? Is there a back up of my transcript?

    DEITZ has been publishing transcripts since 1999. All transcripts remain available indefinitely. And rest assured that all transcripts are backed up in multiple and redundant systems. Your transcripts are secure and their integrity is guaranteed. DEITZ OnDemand augments your office systems providing 24/7 access, 365 days a year.

  • Can I get a video of the hearing or deposition?

    Lexitas by DEITZ provides the finest quality videography. DEITZ will even sync the video to the transcript for court room playback – a hugely successful technique at trial.

  • Will I receive hard copies of my DEITZ online transcript library?

    All transcripts are delivered in hard copy unless an office has a preference to be paperless. The DEITZ production department will notify you via email that your transcript is available online, while sending you the hard copy as a standard practice.

  • Do I have to use the DEITZ conference rooms? What if I prefer my own office?

    DEITZ Court Reporters go wherever you need them. Conference rooms and deposition centers are provided as a convenience. DEITZ court reporters will go to your office, your adversaries office, or some other location like a hospital, business, municipality of the like, as you may require.