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Court Reporting Specialists

In today’s competitive world, accountability is what makes us the most dependable source for all your court reporting needs. Lexitas by DEITZ has developed and maintains a strong staff of professional court reporters to meet and exceed your expectations for verbatim transcription.

Matching the right reporter to the right job, could possibly be the most important aspect of our service. We have put accountability back to work for you. No longer will you need to “put up” with your court reporting service. We have put choice back in the equation and we are able to meet your needs and preferences with ease. Over the years, we’ve helped with a wide variety of cases, matching the right people to work each case. As a result, we have an extensive network of professional court reporters ready to handle your case specific requirements.

Lexitas by DEITZ has defined a new standard of excellence that you will come to depend upon with each new job we do for you. We have put accountability to work for you!

Real-Time & LiveNote

As a leader in our industry, Lexitas by DEITZ regularly provides a high level of service to its clients including real-time court reporting. Our real-time capability allows instantaneous access to the court reporter record, transmitted across the table or across the country.

Lexitas by DEITZ maintains a full complement of highly experienced court reporting staff. Our reporters are qualified at many levels including real-time, many being LiveNote Certified.