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There are so many different uses for hi-definition videography services in both civil and criminal litigation. As witnessed every single day through the proliferation of surveillance and mobile phone cameras, events captured on video hold much more weight than an audio recording or a printed report. Everyone can see unadulterated versions of events exactly the way they happened that leave no doubt as to their legitimacy.

This form of documentation is especially useful for legal proceedings. That’s where Lexitas by DEITZ comes in.

Activities of Daily Living

Also known as “Day-in-the-Life Documentaries”

When serious injuries occur due to another’s negligence, it is imperative to document the changes in the victim’s quality of life, including therapy, occupational limitations, and differences in physical activity and social interaction. Nothing tells the story to a jury or a judge like a visual record.

Mediation Documentaries

Also known as “Video Settlement Brochures”

Video Settlement Brochures are visual tools that are quite powerful in proving liability, demonstrating causation, substantiating damages and leveraging just settlements during mediation or arbitration. Every aspect of a victim’s life of pain and suffering that resulted from another’s actions or negligence is highlighted in visual detail.

Video Depositions

Video Depositions are the video record of each key witness deposed. Video captures everything, both audio and video, and illuminates the subtle insincerities that are portrayed by the pauses, blinks, glares, stares, hesitations, stutters and mannerisms of an untruthful witness. Conversely, a sincere witness who has no difficulty remembering facts becomes all the more credible.

Wrongful Death Settlement Documentary

When dealing with a wrongful death case, a “Wrongful Death Documentary” is utilized to reveal the true pain and suffering of the decedent’s family members, friends and loved ones. This documentary consists of a series of formal interviews with those closest to the decedent, sharing quality times, special moments and aspirations, professionally edited together with photographs, news articles and home videos.

Mock Jury Focus Group

Video recording a Mock Jury Focus Group is used to evaluate your legal settlement video prior to final publication. It illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of your settlement documentary before presenting it in mediation.

Document Signing Video Services

Lexitas by DEITZ can video record all of your client’s documents signing ceremonies, such as Will Signing and Pre-Nuptial Agreement signings.