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YOUR Transcript Library is the heart of the DepositionNet Web Platform.

The functionality of having your transcript library available at a click provides great benefits and great leverage. Use your uniquely assigned ID & PIN to access your online transcript library anytime from anywhere–24/7.

Introduced in 1999, DepositionNet is the first web-based solution to managing your transcript library, with multiple document reading software options. It is the only solution to guarantee document readability from any internet device.

DepositionNet is used by small, medium and large firms. It is ideal for firms with multiple locations, and with a local, regional or national presence. Delivering a web-based solution for transcript management, DepositionNet creates itself as it feeds on your work history.

Virtually limitless in terms of space, DepositionNet seamlessly migrates data between your account and the transcript management function. There has been great talk of the paperless office and DepositionNet brings you one step closer to this possibility. No scanning, no coding, no publishing is required. DepositionNet populates itself as you go about your normal routine of taking depositions.

Cut and paste from your deposition to your motions. Invite a claim-rep to view a transcript with you in seconds on the fly. Word search your transcripts, case search your library of transcripts.

Find Your Transcripts with Ease


All of your transcripts are automatically checked into your own Transcript Library at Lexitas by DEITZ at no extra cost whenever you enlist our services. Search by case number, witness name, date and more.

Print Perfect PDFs

Print and reprint perfect PDF full-page transcripts as well as mini-transcripts free and on demand.

No special software is required to view transcripts, making DepositionNet a perfect solution to maintain YOUR Transcript Library.

My Account

My Account is the invoice, statement and payment system for law office administrators.

View your statements and pay your invoices securely online by credit card, check or EFT. Obtain your favorite reward points and gain great convenience.

Multiple Devices

DepositionNet Features Multi-device and Multi-browser Compatibility.

Access your transcript library from your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or phone, and use your favorite browser to do it.

Multiple Formats


Lexitas by DEITZ makes it easy for you to view, print, email and transfer your transcripts to any device or operating system. These formats allow for text searches, plus easy copy & paste ability. Eliminates the need to scan or make hard copies.

  • Actual court reporter signatures
  • No-Scanning required to obtain a digital transcript – simply download
  • Browser based versions for use with ANY internet device, computer, Android, iPhone or iPad
  • Plain text versions with line numbers for easy copy & paste to reports and emails
  • Plain text versions without line numbers for easy copy & paste to motions
  • PDF full-page formats for perfect transcript reprints and emails on demand
  • PDF mini-page format (four mini-pages/page) for perfect transcript reprints and emails
  • Microsoft Word and Word Perfect compatibility formats
  • RealLegal eTranscript format for office that support this software