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IM DepositionNet is Messaging Done Right

Instant Messaging

IM DepositionNet is an instant message platform for the EBT coordinator community to come together and exchange information, network, share ideas and simply help one another. It’s ideal for creating an environment to find one another, arrange calendars, EBT schedules etc. All EBT coordinators are welcome no matter which deposition service you prefer. EBT coordinators do not have to be Lexitas by DEITZ clients to use IM DepostionNet and it requires no special software, simply log in.

Invite Users

Invite new users to IM DepositionNet by clicking “Invite” and enter one to five email addresses of new users to invite. You can do this limitless times.  Your invitee will immediately get an invitation to IM DepositionNet. Within seconds you will be able to IM with your invitee. The only requirement for IM DepositionNet access is that users be law office EBT coordinators, secretaries or paralegals charged with the EBT coordinator function.

Notify users to come online to IM DepositionNet now by clicking “Notify”.  Notifying a user to come online will prompt them via email.