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New York City Litigation Support

Interpreters and Translation Services

You can count on Lexitas by DEITZ to find the solution for any need you have, especially when it comes to interpreting and translation services. Just one call to our office takes care of these and all of your other litigation support needs.

When scheduling your examination before trial, we ensure that you will be provided with a competent and experienced interpreter alongside your court reporter. There is no need for you to worry about scheduling an interpreter or translator ever again. We have access to virtually any dialect or foreign language you may have a need for.

Video Conference Facilities

With our video support, you can now capture not only the written word but the visual experience as well. For difficult cases where each thought and idea absolutely needs to be thoroughly communicated, or even in cases where the witness is out of country, terminally ill, elderly, or otherwise immobile—we can set up video examinations before trial. Utilizing our state-of-the-art video-conference facilities you can stay local, bridging time and space to be anywhere in the world with ease. more info

Videography Service

There are so many different uses for hi-definition videography in litigation. From Day-in-the-Life and Mediation Documentaries, to Video Depositions and Wrongful Death Settlement documentaries, let Lexitas by DEITZ help you present and win your case in grand fashion. more info

Audio/Video Transcription and Typing Services

Lexitas by DEITZ provides transcription services to augment your secretarial staff. Specializing in legal and business related transcription, we can provide an array of typing and transcription services for your audio and video tapes and digital files.

Virtual Offices, Catering and more

When you’re in need of more space or just need some temporary working space, we can provide both day offices and conference rooms as needed. Catering is also available for your hearing when needed. Special arrangements are always handled with professionalism and precision.