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Video Conferencing that Actually Works

The DEITZ Difference

DEITZ Video Conferencing Deposition FacilitiesThe DEITZ difference is video conferencing that actually works. No more disconnects, static-filled audio transmissions, or intermittent feeds during important depositions and interviews. You can stream flawless two-way HD video and audio with confidence at one of many Lexitas by DEITZ Video Conferencing facilities.

Your Office or Ours?

Join us at one of our many Video Conference Deposition Centers, or connect to our online cloud service to attend meetings remotely on your own personal devices. Our Video Conference solution is effortlessly compatible with virtually all desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smart phones. We make connection from your desktop simple and seamless.

DEITZ Easy Connections

Video conferencing platforms compatible and adaptable to our systems or to our video conference Deposition Centers.

Video Conferencing Platforms

No matter which video conferencing service you prefer, our systems are compatible with nearly all platforms and software. This allows us to provide a vast array of alternatives to fit your specific needs.